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Do you sell tickets on-site?

Yes! The ticket booth will be open on-site for ticket sales. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards at the ticket booth.

What is Twisted Christmas?

A unique event that combines the traditional, quirky, and wicked sides of Christmas for a magical experience like no other! You'll find Christmas movies, holiday treats and hot beverages, tens of thousands of lights throughout 20 acres, live Christmas music, some of your favorite holiday characters, 3 Haunted Attractions based on darker Christmas traditions from around the world and much more!

Do you have camping?

Yes. We have camping for the Christmas event. We have a number of campsites for tents, campers, and RVs. To reserve a campsite, please pay at the ticket booth when you arrive on-site.

Are the haunted houses full contact or will they touch me?

No. If you do not touch the creatures, they will not touch you. We’re not sure about Krampus though…he might put you in a cage!
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