1. Your address says you’re located in Smithville but you’re not close to Smithville.

We are located in the lost pines area of Bastrop County, just south of the city of Bastrop. Because we’re in the county, we are listed as Smithville.

2. Will the actors touch me?

This is a no-contact haunted house experience. This means that if you don’t touch our actors they won’t touch you. Keep in mind you are in a dark scary environment andan actor may brush up against you unintentionally. It does happen but our actors do not intentionally touch patrons.

3. How long is the wait for the haunted houses?

It is our goal to keep wait times under 30 minutes. Our haunted houses are interactive and extremely scary so we want to ensure the best experience for every guest without cattle-herding and rushing people through which diminishes the experience. Just an FYI, the wait times are less early in the season.

4. Do you have VIP Fast Passes?

We have debated whether or not to have fast pass lines for those guests who do not want to wait in line. Personally, we don’t like waiting in a line while watching others who get to move ahead of us with a Fast Pass. Instead we have worked out a clever system to move everyone through the lines with minimal wait times.

5. How long are the haunted houses?

Each haunted house is 25-45 minutes long depending on the individual and how fast you move through the haunted houses. Our haunted houses are highly interactive experiences with some areas where you have to interact with the environment to actually find your way out. Other areas you have to make choices for the correct path. Poor choices can result in horrifying consequences!

6. Are the haunted houses scary? (Yes, we actually get this question quite a bit)

Yes, all three of our haunted houses are intense, frightening experiences. We have taken what started as the Mansion of Terror haunted house, which was featured annually on the Travel Channel and placed #1 haunted house in the Nation by Lions Gate Films, and created something next generation that is truly spectacular and piss-your-pants scary. You will experience 13 buildings across the 3 haunted houses. All of the haunted houses are in a 20 acre dense forest isolated and removed from the safety of civilization! If you want to experience what it feels like to be in a genuine horror movie then this is the ultimate experience! Be careful what you wish for! We will applaud you if you make it all the way through!

This is a much scarier experience than anything you could experience in a strip mall or commercial building in the city.

7. What should I wear?

You should NOT wear flip flops or high heeled shoes. You are navigating uneven terrain, crossing bridges, walking through buildings, and in some cases in complete darkness. You really need close-toed shoes. The wearing of costumes, masks or theatrical facial make-up is not allowed inside the park.

8. How many people can go through in one group?

We limit group sizes to 6 people per group. We have found that groups larger than 6 tend to get hurt when they get scared and fall onto each other in a pile. For everyone ‘s safety we limit the size to 6.

9. Do you spray blood on people?

No, we do not spray blood on people. You will not get splattered with anything except air or water. You do not need special clothing. Rest assured we will terrify you in plenty of other ways!

10. Do you have to pay for parking?

Parking is FREE! We feel that if you make the drive for a Wicked Scary evening with us then your parking should be free always!

11. Are your haunted houses handicapped accessible?

We do everything we can to accommodate wheelchair access. We have bypasses around areas that a wheelchair could not traverse. What’s important is that half of your experience is through the dense forest between buildings which is often uneven terrain. We would encourage someone in a wheelchair to bring a friend to help navigate the terrain.

12. How old do you have to be to go in the haunted house?

Children under 13 can go through with a parent.

13. Can I make a reservation?

We will not be doing reservations in 2016.

14. What if I get there late, can I still go through?

As long as you purchase your ticket by midnight and make it through the entrance gates, you will be able to scream your way through all three haunted houses. We will stay open until the last person leaves.

15. Do you take credit cards and debit cards?

Yes! We take credit and debit cards on site. We do not accept personal checks.

16. Do you have group discounts?

Yes. For information on group discounts, please email info@screamhollow.com. We also offer corporate and special events on Thursday evenings in October where you can rent the entire park for your company event.

17. Do you have coupons?

Yes. We will have coupons and free ticket giveaways. Please like us on Facebook. We will post coupon locations and giveaways through the Facebook page.

18. Are the haunted houses open if it rains?

Yes. We will stay open if it rains. We have 13 buildings and dense forest across the haunted houses. Very little rain ever gets through the trees.

19. Do you have security?

Yes. We have uniformed Sheriff’s officers on-site. We also have HD night-vision cameras throughout the attractions for the safety of our guests.

20. Can I wear a costume to Scream Hollow?

You cannot wear a costume at Scream Hollow. For the safety of our actors and other patrons, we cannot allow anyone into the haunted houses with a costume.

21. Is there an area for younger kids?

Yes. We have an area reserved for younger kids in the Halloween area by the Cackling Witch Café and Bakery. It is well lit. We will have various activities for children but keep in mind the grounds are designed for teenagers and adults. Children are not allowed into the Haunted House area. Once a patron crosses through the gates into the haunted house area, it is “Game On!” and you can be scared and stalked at any time!

22. Can I leave my kid in the café area while I go to the haunted houses?

No! Children must be supervised at all times! Unattended children will be forced to dig graves and given laxative chocolate for the ride home!

23. Can I be thrown out of the park for any reason?

Yes. If your actions threaten the safety of our staff or other patrons you will be ejected from the park without a refund. We have zero tolerance for bad behavior. Simply follow the rules and have a great time and you’ll be just fine!


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